Tree Preservation

Storm Damage Repair & Debris Removal in Poquoson, Virginia

Poquoson Tree Service believes it is important to preserve your trees. Trees improve the beauty and value of your York County, Virginia, home. We can help you preserve your trees and keep them beautiful and healthy for years to come. Damage to the roots, trunk, and crown can speed up the decline of a tree. Poquoson Tree Service provides many methods of tree preservation.

Our Tree Service Contractors can protect your trees’ Critical Root Zone during construction or landscaping by root pruning and radial trenching. We can also mulch to protect the roots of your trees. Some older trees may require structural support, especially those with cavities. Poquoson Tree Service can stabilize these trees through the use of braces, cables, and guys.

Pruning your trees helps keep them healthy by removing dead and weak limbs. When the trees are trimmed properly, it reduces the risks of disease, storm damage, and post-storm clean-up. Fertilizing your trees keeps them well-fed and healthy. Our experienced professionals at Poquoson Tree Service can help prevent the decline of your trees and keep them an important and attractive part of your yard.