Hurricane Preparedness

Get Ready: Tree service & tornado and hurricane preparedness

Preparing your trees for hurricane conditions

As storm season approaches each and every year citizens of York County look for a licensed & insured tree service company to help with tornado and hurricane preparedness. The wonderful news is that a homeowner can actually do a lot on their own to help mitigate potential storm damage to their property and landscaping. Preparing your trees for hurricane conditions starts with minor trimming and pruning of low hanging limbs, as well as ones around street signs or over the driveway.

Small amounts of effort like this can take large step towards preventing fallen trees. We understand that money is tight these days so we are proud to let our customers know how they can not only save a few dollars, but also become a more active homeowner in the care and maintenance of their home.

Contact York County Tree Service (Hurricane & Tornado) Professionals

A licensed & insured tree service company

Of course, there are times when you should call in a professional tree company to take care of the emergency trees services such as the removal of major tree damage, large scale landscaping repair, and on occasions when you need a tree service that works with insurance companies. When should you call us? Give us a call before you have a problem. If you notice there is a tree on your property that could easily fall down or give up limbs during a hurricane, please let us come out and give you a fair and reasonable estimate. 

After a hurricane or tornado passes, we should be the first call you make to come out and estimate your storm damage, as well as help you deal with the dreaded insurance companies. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are here to help you keep your property safe and secure. Poquoson Tree Service has proudly served York County, Newport News, Hampton and the surrounding areas since 2001 and we look forward to serving you and your family in the future.