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Welcome to Poquoson Tree Service, located in Poquoson Virginia. We proudly serve all York County residents and businesses as a full service tree and landscaping company. If you are a York County resident, then you should highly consider Poquoson Tree Service for your Tree Pruning and Tree Removal needs. Businesses in York County VA also rely on Poquoson Tree Service for their Tree Services and Landscaping Services. From property maintenance such as tree and hedge pruning, fertilizing, tree removal and tree planting to ensuring properties are up to code such as making sure tree branches are at enough distance from chimneys and power lines.

York County, Virginia is located on the north end of the Virginia Peninsula in the Hampton Roads area of the Commonwealth of Virginia. York County is located right on the York River and many tributaries and its border cities are Williamsburg, Newport News and Poquoson, sharing its border along the York River with Gloucester County.

Fun Fact: Did you know that York County is one of the oldest counties in the United States and is the location of where victory was accomplished in 1781 during the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War to gain independence from Great Britain. Today, York County is the home to many military bases and families. Jim Wornom, the owner of Poquoson Tree Service is a military veteran himself and a Poquoson Virginia & York County resident.

York County Tree Services for Military Installations

York County has many large and important military facilities for the United States. Many of which are located along the York River. During the end of World War I the Naval Weapons Station Yorktown was established by order of President Woodrow Wilson. During World War II, Camp Peary was established as a Seabee Training Base. After the progression of WWII this base became extremely valuable to the Allied Forces.

Because York County has extreme Military importance and military residents, Poquoson Tree Service extends their respect by always offering special Military and Civil Service discounts to all active and retired military personnel for tree services in York County, Virginia.